Sippers 2

Hello, all you followers of the Sippers – Sketchers in Provence! I hope you’ve had a good summer. Just a heads-up: the Sippers are back. This time it’s the Sippers 2, another group, another place in Provence, with only 3 of the original crowd. We’re flying on Sept. 1 straight from JFK to Nice and going a few miles north into the hills to the little town of Vence. (You may remember it’s where Matisse’s chapel is.) We plan to go to Renoir’s home/studio in Cagnes-sur-Mer, and we have reservations for lunch at Columbe d’Or on Friday. I’ll take my laptop and send pictures. I hope you will enjoy traveling with us.SB title.jpeg

Cummer Museum and Gardens: last class until Fall

Another beautiful day for sketching en plain air. I planned for all April classes to be outside, and the weather has cooperated. The gardens were lovely – unlike today’s news that Cummer would have to tear down the historical Women’s Club building due to termites. Everyone chose a different spot, and the results were amazing. After 2 hours the group had lunch under the red umbrellas on the outdoor deck.





Dale.jpgBarb.jpgMary.jpg4sketches.jpg3 sketches.jpg


ch salad.jpggroup.jpg

This was the last class until September or October as everyone will be traveling this summer. I’m off this weekend to teach a Sketchbook-Binding workshop in Austill, GA, at the Red Cockerill Gallery. I’ll keep posting when I travel – maybe you’ll see us in Provence in September! Au revoir.

Sketching the Farmers Market

It’s Earth Day today, so it was fitting that the Sketchers visited the Jacksonville Farmers Market with it’s beautiful displays of fruits and vegetables.







jackie, mary.jpg

Some elected to draw the veggies and their vendors, and others went to the Green Spot to paint the chickens. This was new to me and a welcome addition to the Farmers Market. They sell all kinds of plants and herbs and even an egg or two when the chickens are laying. Carmel was delightful and educated us city folks on the care and habits of chickens.

green spot.jpg


2 chicks.jpg

1 chick.jpg



At noon we all went over to Andy’s Farmers Market Grill where there are all sorts of delicious salads and sandwiches. The special for the day was pastrami and swiss on rye. Some had that, and others had a wonderful chicken-cranberry-walnut salad. We shared our sketches, ate, and shopped for produce to take home.


M, Jane.jpg

D,Jo sk.jpg

J,Mary sk.jpg

K sk.jpg



I went home with fresh, plump blueberries and some green tomatoes. Mary gave me a new recipe for Fried Green Tomatoes which I hope to use in my new book. Next week: final sketching class until Fall at the Cummer Museum and Gardens.

IMG_4164 2.jpg

Painting Shrimpboats at Safe Harbor

Another beautiful sunny Florida day on the water! We were at Safe Harbor Seafood Market and Restaurant in Mayport for sketching and lunch (right off the boats).

SH outside.jpg



Our Cafe Sketchers numbered 9 today, and everyone had a delightful time figuring out how to draw the colorful and complicated shrimpboats. It was a lot easier when the casino cruise ship moved.gambling ship.jpg

shrimp boats.jpg

Everyone worked hard and then, as usual, enjoyed lunch.Barb, Jane.jpg


Bev, Mary Blue.jpg



sktch Dale.jpg

sktch Jackie.JPG



Join us next week at the Farmer’s Market on Beaver Street.


A New Beach Place – Southern Grounds

A small group of us gathered for the beginning of April’s All Outdoor Cafe Sketching Classes. Southern Grounds in Neptune Beach is the former Lillie’s, one of our favorite places to meet and draw people – very quickly because most times have included young mothers with pre-schoolers and babies. Not so much this week. It was a little cool to begin with so we started inside – all new white subway tile and a new menu.  A young man on a computer was very accomodating and moved so we could all sit together. Later we moved outside into the sunshine and enjoyed painting the shops around us until it was time for lunch. (The turkey club sandwich on flatbread was delicious – but gone before I thought to take a photo!) The bruschetta was a delight for the eyes as well as the mouth, and Katy, the new owner, is very gracious and glad to have us there.B, J.jpgB,J,K.jpgJo.jpgBarb.jpgBev.jpgsketches SG.jpgbrusketta.jpg

Sometimes people finish at home…. See what happens! Don’t you love Jackie’s style? We’ll miss her when she goes back to Vermont in a few weeks.J unfin.jpgJ fini.jpg

And this is the one I lost from last week at Le Macaron!le mac.jpg

Visit us next week at Safe Harbor in Mayport!FullSizeRender.jpg

Painting in France? – at Le Macaron

What a fun experience today! 10 sketchers met at the beautiful and charming Le Macaron pastry shop at the Avenues Mall. We had planned to stay there for an hour, then go upstairs to Le Crepes, but it was so full of delightful things to draw – and good sweets to eat – we never left until lunch time. Tahar, our very French server, reconfigured the tables so we were all together and continuously brought us coffee and croissants. My favorite pastry to get in France is pain au chocolat, and Le Macaron’s were delicious. The “big bosses,” Fabrice and Marie, came in as we were drawing and were generous and flattering with their comments. This is a place to which we’ll go back! (FYI: Tahar will be opening his own Le Macaron in 3 weeks – in Avondale next to Blue Fish. Yea!)le macaron.jpg

Tahar.jpgmacaron tree.jpg



class 1.jpg

class 2.jpgpain.jpgBev.jpg

Fabrice, Marie.jpg

Fabrice and Marie

sk 1.jpg

sk 2.jpg

sk 3.jpg

Not all the sketches are here. One I lost in Computer Heaven, and I can’t find it. Will post it next time if it magically appears….😦

The Players Cafe

Cafe Sketchers enjoyed another great morning together. I started with my favorite breakfast, yogurt, fruit and granola. It was so good 3 others ordered it. Surprise! They ran out of yogurt so Mike, the owner of The Players Cafe, went to Publix for more for us. Not many places would be so accommodating. Rhonda was our lovely server and kept us all happy right through lunch. Sketching, painting, laughing, eating – all in all an amazing day. We missed those of you who couldn’t make it this week. Next week we’ll be at the  French restaurants at the Avenues MallIMG_1876.jpg






5 sketches.jpg

2 sketches.jpg

The walls are full of caricatures, so Dale sketched her own wall with caricatures of all of us on it!


Another Broken Egg Welcomes Cafe Sketchers

Wednesday was another wonderful class with lots of laughing, talented women. Two brought sketches from last time at Chicken Salad Chick, and all of us sketched and painted while we ate.




Breakfast for some – oh, those beignets….. (gone before I thought to snap a picture!)IMG_3942.JPGIMG_3943.JPG

Some serious work began:



Somewhat finished sketches were shared, and Casey, our server, brought us lunch! Another good day.






Cafe Sketching Begins Again!

After several months, our Cafe Sketching classes have begun again. (Some of you will recognize the blue bottles I bring for inspiration!) We’ll be going to several new places this month, the first Chicken Salad Chick on Baymeadows at 295.The food is wonderful – 15 kinds of chicken salad to choose from – and the staff was gracious and accommodating to all 10 sketchers. They don’t serve breakfast but did heat us some water for tea and offered to go get us some coffee from Publix!


Marquita, the manager, is leaving to manage their new store, opening in a few days, in the Town Center. Becky, from the corporate office, will be here until…  Both delightful ladies.



There were a few new students this time so I challenged the “seasoned” students to find something unique to draw.

Emine, Mary

Kay, Barball

Joanne and Jackie, transplants from Nebraska and Vermont (at least temporarily), enjoyed the day – sketching, food and comraderie. Florida is so much nicer this time of year!

Joanne, Jackie

A few had to leave early, but the rest of us photographed the sketches and enjoyed a well-earned lunch. We are all looking forward to our next venture (in two weeks) at Another Broken Egg Cafe. One of the sketches was done by a first-time sketcher, and I’ll bet you can’t tell which one. Alll – even the ones that left – were charming.


Doesn’t it look good? (My husband says these classes are just another excuse to go out to lunch….)

New Year – New Places


Happy New Year! The Christmas tree is down, the holidays are over, and I’m beginning to think about Cafe Sketching for 2016. Next week we’ll be in Key West for R&R, and February we’ll be in San Francisco with our 7-month-old grandson so we’ll begin classes again in March. I’ve found many new places, but I haven’t finalized the schedule yet. Dates are Wednesdays, March 2, 9, 16, and 23, finishing up before Easter. I have a new Sip n’ Sketch location, and maybe will do classes in April if enough people are interested. Below are some new locations I’ve looked at – all the owners are excited about us coming to sketch. If you want to sign up, just email me:

Secret Garden at the beach:



Vagabond Coffee Co. in Murray Hill:



Chicken Salad Chick in Baymeadows:



Le Macaron and Le Crepes at the Avenues Mall:le macaron.jpg

le crepes.jpg

Safe Harbor Seafood in Mayport (weather permitting):



Community Loaves in Murray Hill:

comm loaves.jpg


And Southern Grounds (formerly Lillie’s) at the beach. We also have Chamblin’s Uptown,  Mimi’s, Another Broken Egg, Players Cafe and other favorites. We should have another good time sketching, laughing and eating. Join us.