An afternoon to dye for!

As Tropical Storm Andrea poured rain outside, Sippers were happily inside Dale’s garage dying silk scarves to take with us – our own fashion statement! And then the rain stopped.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


8 thoughts on “An afternoon to dye for!

  1. Don’t go to France! Just stay in Dale’s garage and keep on making scarves! They are gorgeous and you will be a stunning group wearing them!

  2. Ann, we did not sew anything. Dyes are Colorhue instant set – non-toxic, good for students. Needs no mordant and no setting. All from Dharma Trading.

  3. Awesome! Exactly my thoughts – would be a great class project. Thanks so much! You will be able to spot each other when separated in at the busy march just by looking for the beautiful scarves!

  4. I thought you all were coming to my house and studio today. Am I wrong? I haven’t heard from you. I have tried to call Mary Ann’s cell phone several times. I sent an email to Mary Ann this morning, still no word.

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