I am here in Provence. Maggie  had soup

I am here in Provence. Maggie  had soup and salad, cherries and wine waiting for me. So good to be back in our gite. This morning we went to the market – fresh veggies and a chicken in our car – and am now sitting at McDonalds after which we will go home to nap and paint. Weather is hot!ImageImageImage


11 thoughts on “I am here in Provence. Maggie  had soup

  1. Glad that you are there and enjoying it. I read upside down the message on
    Maggie’s tray mat….it seems to say “100% renewable electricity”…does that
    mean solar or wind? Paul

  2. What a lovely welcome!! Love the outside dining! Great beginning for your stay in France, Hugs from home, Merle

  3. Love the light and shadow on Maggie’s house—can’t wait to be in that light!!
    Is your phone working now???

  4. Wow, what a rough life…but somebody has to live it…and it may as well be the SIPPERS! Guess I better unpack my jacket – sure looks warm there. You girls keep having fun – we will join in real soon.

  5. My dream……….is your reality! What an amazing experience; friends, travel, art! I can’t think of anything better! Thank you for sharing so I can live vicariously!

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