Market day in Isle-sur-Sorgue

Market this morning – one of the biggest in the area. Pictures of the cliffs and views are from Roussillon. Aperitifs with a Swiss couple in the evening, cold chicken, salad and rose for supperImageImageImageImageImage and painting until dark…9:45 pm.


18 thoughts on “Market day in Isle-sur-Sorgue

  1. Thank you for the lovely pictures, I broke my foot last week so you are making me happy with your travels. Your new friend , MOPSY.

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  2. wonderful photos – visited with your art compatriots at St. Catherine’s this am. Wish we were there. Thanks for the blog!

  3. Hi Mary Ann, It looks like you’re having a fabulous time! Susan didn’t email you in time, but she has your phone number and will try to call. She didn’t think she would have a phone, but David has one that will work there. Hope you can get together!

  4. Love the flowers! Started VBS today and the theme is about “Neighbors Around. the World”. I told my kndgtn group about your group going to visit your ” neighbors” in France. They were full of questions! The pictures are great!!!!

  5. Hi…I join John Bunker in desire to be there with you guys.
    On second photo, I notice Porchetta…..Italian pork roast?
    They must be equal opportunity advertisers….”common market?”
    Looks like you are having fun!…Paul

  6. These pictures are wonderful! I so want to be there with you, and I do feel like I am being allowed in on a live-time travelogue of sorts, with you! The light and colors are so energizing and lovely. I may have to paint along with you… from photographs…

  7. Great pictures! What’s with the turquoise shoes? So good to see Roussillon again. It gave a whole new meaning to earth colors! the markets look just as wonderful as ever! Thanks so much for sharing your trip!

  8. Just wondering which apts you guys are in…for my possible trip with friends next summer. Would love any info about your accommodations and location. It all looks fabulous.

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