Sippers arrive!

After an 8-hr. delay in Amsterdam (museum visits are good…), Sippers finally arrived in Provence in the wee hours of Thursday morning – and slept all day. Friday was wonderful, a perfect day with warm breezes but not hot. Painted with Margaret Hoybach, an artist from charleston (with the fresh cherries she just picked),ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage in the vineyards and lavender fields Imageat her gite here, then lunch (and wine!) with a friend of hers. The afternoon was spent shopping, sketching and exploring the ambiance of the tiny red rock hill town of Roussillon. I met Lucy and Lauren who painted in my sketchbook – and are now official Sippers. Next post: finished sketches!


8 thoughts on “Sippers arrive!

  1. I enjoy your Provence trip along with sad that I can’t make it for a day or so to join you. enjoy the fruits and vegetables and soleil de Provence and don’t forget to especially listen to les cigales, which sound very different than any other place in the world.

  2. So looking forward to all your pictures. We were in Perne last May at the Olive house. Loved every minute of that beautiful area. Carole and Dale

  3. Hi, I’m Anne from CA, following and loving your great blog. I’d love to know more about the apartments you have. I’m doing a Prague, Buda, Vienna untour this fall. Hope to do Paris, Provence next spring. Happy SIPS!

  4. I am so enjoying your photos and blog. My heart,soul and spirit are with you. However my body is in Boise, ID.:) Thank you so much for sharing. My Grace, peace, and beauty fill your day.

  5. What a BEAUTIFUL place!!! Love the presentation of the food. Can’t wait to see your finished works. Happy Painting!

  6. Mariann hope all is well. I am not receiving any blog since first day . ave written twice. Hope Aix was wonderful. I jumped the fire at the Fete of St Jean. The last time for sure. the vernissage at the Maison of Picasso’s first amour was very interesting. Am at the house of the twins. have been painting a lot. Please get me back on to the blog. Merci and bisous to all.Maggie

  7. I haven’t gotten any more posts since this one can you resend Sunday- Today. My Frnch is improving at the twins. Mistral very bad yesterday. Safe trip to Nice, bisons, Maggie

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