Mc Donald’s is my new best friend!

Here we are once again to get on the internet. It’s hard to fit it into our fun-filled days. The mistral, a fierce, cold wind from the north which blows for 1,3,5,7 or 11 days has finally stopped. It’s no wonder Van Gogh went crazy. Monday we were guests of the artist, Jill Steenhuis, in Aix. I gave her a copy of my book, and her handsome husband, Serge, fed us a lovely lunch. We then went with Jill to her gallery, to Cezanne’s studio and to his mountain, Mont St. Victoire, to paint (as the mistral blew). No matter, it was another ImageImageImageImageImagemagical day in Provence.

Yesterday we went to the beautiful Abbey de Senanque, and despite the mistral, some of us got some sketching in. Home to the rest of the Sippers and a gourmet dinner (and wine!) for all 8 of us.

Anne asked which apartment we’re in. 4 of us are in Alcarez with our lovely landlady, Estelle, next door. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, beautiful terrace and lots of room for company.

The other half are in Bernal which is just as nice. Both are in the perfect location for exploring the area – and the grocery. It’s always comforting to come home to our own little village of 40+ fountains and hospitable people. I could not imagine traveling any other way.


4 thoughts on “Mc Donald’s is my new best friend!

  1. I enjoyed meeting you all. It looks like your day at Sénanque was perfect. Your pictures of painting the mountain and Mary Ann holding her book and me holding mine turned out great. I wish you all the best on the rest of your artistic journey.

  2. After seeing all the wonderful work, I realize I would be WAY out of my league. We just got back from the wake of a great St Andrews lady. Heddy apparently has been sick for months and just passed. Hope the winds calm down. We have had very humid days with thunderstorms.

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