Where (some) Sippers are now



It was a wonderful trip, but we are now home and back to real life. Half the Sippers are back in school teaching art to young minds. Busy, busy, busy…. The other half are retired and having fun. Some have gotten together for lunch, for painting – we even found a Sippers Cafe! Marie finished her calendar and paintings of Gordes. Tish has done a night scene of our last supper in Venasque and some pastels of vegetable markets. Tish, Dale and I got together to bind our own sketchbooks of watercolor paper recycling French books we bought at a brocante (antique/flea market). We love having the French covers! My newest project is a commission to illustrate a new children’s book about possums. I’m enjoying it and will let you know when it comes out.

Our next undertaking will be my Cafe Sketching class for the month of September. Each week we’ll meet at a cafe at the beach, order food, sketch first and then eat. Marie, Dale and Tish will all be there with me, and I’ll be sending pictures. Stay tuned….





6 thoughts on “Where (some) Sippers are now

  1. thanks for including me , I love seeing the paintings and hearing the plans for meeting , looking forward to your new book .

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