Cafe Sketching Starts Today

Our first class in Cafe Sketching began at the famous Jacksonville Beach bakery, Cinotti’s. The case of pastries were to die for, but after a warm-up sketch of salt and pepper shakers, most opted for the salad to eat and a pastry to take home. A full class of 10 sketchers (including 3 other original Sippers) made for a delightful and enjoyable morning even for the first-timers. The sketchbooks looked great! ImageImageImageImageEveryone took their paint kits home with them to practice or finish, and we’re all looking forward to next week.


4 thoughts on “Cafe Sketching Starts Today

  1. Thanks for the peek into your new sketching group. Sorry that I was not able
    to join, looks like great fun and some wonderful results. Keep on sketching. Paul

  2. Really enjoy ‘peeking’ in on your world of sketchers. Wish I lived closer but will live vicariously until perhaps we get something going here in Ohio! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. What fun, are you going every week. just got back from 10 days in the mts. In Colorado, and then Seattle to see some old frIends. , one who is battling so many physical problems, kit humbles me. Home for less than a month and then off to Texas to teach mid 0ctober. Driving, to Texas and then flying to see Andrew and family in San Francisco until the end of the month. here did this year go. Crazy. Handling traveling a little better. Love , Maggie ps getting another skin treatment wherE my face looks like steak tartar. supposed to take off all the precancerous stuff on my face. I did one in August. scary.

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