Cafe Sketching – Week 2 at Lillie’s



What a lovely day we had this week at Lillie’s Coffee Bar in Neptune Beach. The owner gave us a beautiful (and decadent) piece of chocolate-raspberry cheesecake for our still life. Most people controlled themselves and drew it first, but there were a few who could not hold back from tasting. The weather was perfect for us to sit outside under the umbrellas, and there wasn’t a crumb left when we finished painting and went inside for lunch.


4 thoughts on “Cafe Sketching – Week 2 at Lillie’s

  1. Thanks for the pictorial review of session at Liliie’s. I assume that image #2
    is your sketch since I see the traveling blue vase present. Looks like a
    great outing for all. Paul

  2. I am enjoying this class so much. I feel like I’m making progress and love being with people with the same interest. And then there’s lunch.

  3. MaryAnn,

    You have become totally professional. Love your blogs. The class is way beyond my abilities. I did have a wonderful time with the girls and Mike.

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