Opossum Book

I promised a preview of my illustrations for the new book, Joey, the Opossum Goes to School by Donna Elkins. It should be out before Christmas.






9 thoughts on “Opossum Book

  1. These are precious. i will need to have the book for my coffee table. Thanks for sharing. I continue to have energy and had a good checkup with Sippens on Tues.

    I’ve been working at ATP this week at the reception desk, keeps me off the street and gives me pocket change.

    Enjoy today, Ruth

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  2. They are adorable images…I am sure the book will be a hit.
    Too bad that in the real world this critter can be so destructive
    and mean…of course the same can be said of we humans. Paul

  3. Let me know when it is available. I will get one for my great niece. I gave the book about the lizard as a gift at the baby shower.

    We need to have lunch at the Fringe one Friday. I have friends who play music at lunch most Fridays that you would find interesting to sketch.

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  4. The middle one is my favorite. I have been way to busy and I am sure you have been also. I wanted to let you know that the First Street Gallery in Neptune beach just put up their Xmas tree with all kinds of decorations including angels. I have not seen it but perhaps there are some new ideas. Hope all is well with you and Gary.

    Last week we went to Sewanee, TN = next week we are going to Arizona. You would think we had nothing to do around here. Nancy

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