Travel Sketching Fall 2013

This class through OLLI at UNF began 4 weeks ago and finished today. What a great group! We began at UNF and made our own sketchbooks. As an introduction to sketching, we pretended to be in a cafe in Italy where we enjoyed coffee and biscotti. Not


everyone was ready to show their sketch this first week.




Our second week saw us at the Cummer Museum on a cool, rainy day. Fortunately, we were able to draw inside (but not paint) until the sun came out, and some ventured outside. At 12:00 we stopped and had a beautiful lunch there.






The Jacksonville Farmers Market was our destination for the third week. Beautiful day, beautiful produce, delicious lunch. (Many of us went shopping afterwards.)Image




Today, our last class, met at Trad’s Garden Center. Again we had a beautiful day and a fabulous place to sketch. Everyone voted it the favorite place for this term. And look what a long way we’ve come! Our delightful lunch was at the Athens Cafe, and almost everyone took some home. It’s been fun, and many of us will get back together after Christmas for Cafe Sketching – when we won’t have to worry about the weather.




3 thoughts on “Travel Sketching Fall 2013

  1. Thanks for the nice reviews of the groups activities. Wide variety of setting that
    yielded some most interesting sketching. Your series of classes have certainly
    been a hit and I know all members greatly enjoyed these activities. Paul

  2. Mary Ann, What a WONDERFUL briefing on your class days! I truly related to,,,and grieved ,,,every day I missed. Life came to a halt for months, and I have been having to catch up on personal and property maintanance issues I neglected during active treatment for royal. I am anxious to start class after Christmas . I will have something to look forward to until then. I haven’t forgotten the frames. I will drop them off by the end of the week. Any publishing dates on the oppossum book? Vicki I’m back to painting rocks for Halloween gifts. I am making a set of 3 jack o lanterns for one family, and a basket of eyeballs for another. I think art for Halloween is therapy, because I’ve never liked Halloween .

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