Cafe Sketching at Mimi’s

Our second week of Cafe Sketching took place at Mimi’s Cafe in the Town Center. We had a charming waitress, Shaniqua Brown, who took exceptionally good care of us bringing us coffee and croissants as we drew. This week we added watercolor paint to our pictures, and everyone had their own tiny set made out of an Altoids box with a waterbrush. Great fun! Next week we’ll be at La Chambre Jaune Cafe with a guest artist, Margaret Hoybach, whom we visited last summer in Provence.



And tonight: all the Sippers together again at Vernissage II, our own show of works done from our trip to Provence!


One thought on “Cafe Sketching at Mimi’s

  1. Ubiquitous images of vases blue,
    Symbolic signs on art by you.

    Not just any old shade will do,
    Her choice is an exacting hue.

    Nature loves a splash of blue,
    Colors of sky and oceans too.

    Mary Ann teaches to me and you,
    To art; Always be ,“True Blue”.

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