Simply Sara’s

What a beautiful day in February! Temperature almost 80 degrees – lovely to sit outside and sketch. The class went to Simply Sara’s, a small restaurant in Ortega run by Sara Mangham and her family. We were treated royally. Josh, GM, opened an hour early to accommodate us, complete with tea and coffee. As we had the place to ourselves for awhile some sketched their famous cookie jars (“making these cookies for 25 years”), while others went outside to paint the charming architecture. Everyone was concentrating so hard on getting down at least 2 sketches, someone said it was as quiet as a funeral home. At some point Larissa, our ever-so-helpful waitress, brought us the most delicious eggplant fries – the best ever. Marie, our intrepid photographer, took some pictures from her perch on a chair, and we all  enjoyed a very tasty lunch and lively conversation. It was such a wonderful day, no one wanted to leave.













11 thoughts on “Simply Sara’s

  1. Looks like you all had a wonderful time. They are all so good I am afraid I would never be able to brave one of you classes again. Hope all is well with you. We are leaving in the morning for a quick trip to SC to check on the Condo. Wish our beach place was as close as yours.

    I miss seeing you.. I do hope we can have lunch or coffee sometime very soon. Nancy

  2. Looks like you have an enthusiastic group. How many. ? we got hit in the ice storm last week. without power for thirty eight hours. Happy we have a fgas fireplace and a gas stove? quite comfortable. happy when it came back on so I could watch the Olympics. Love maggie

  3. We have the best time and we are making great progress. I’m even working faster….thank you so much Mary Ann.

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  4. I haven’t put up the originals that were left with us up on the Facebook site yet but i have gotten all of these and one more that Mary Ellen had emailed me.
    Thank you for allowing me to share this event with the simply sara’s following family

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