Open Garden Day 2014

Saturday the Sippers were invited to paint in Ray Martin’s beautiful garden for Open Garden Day. Last year there were torrential rains, but we were hopeful this time. Even with a few sprinkles, it was a delightful day as tour groups made their way around the gardens and lake. Five Sippers participated, and most came home with (fairly) dry paintings.ImageImageImageImage



7 thoughts on “Open Garden Day 2014

  1. Really nice!

    Yesterday we shook hands with Ken Jefferson! Oh, well, we wish them both good luck!

    Enjoy your trip! You are so talented and smart, and a special friend! Carpe diem! b

  2. looks like such fun. loved the paintings- Mary Ann you look younger and more beautiful every time I see a picture of you- have your figured out how to reverse aging???

  3. I love the picture with all the colorful umbrellas. you all are having such a grand time…
    the purple paints really caught my eye..

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