Travel Sketching – Spring Term

The last OLLI class of Travel Sketching ended yesterday, and I realize I haven’t posted any of the beautiful pictures that have been done. Travel with us to the Farmers’ Market, Flo Rubel’s lovely house and garden on the river and Lillie’s in Neptune Beach. For those of you who had to miss for one reason or another, you can see what we did. And you were missed. Have a wonderful summer, keep sketching and stay tuned for the fall schedule of Cafe Sketching classes.

Classes began on a very cold day to be outside at the Farmers’ Market:ImageImageImageImageImage

Our friend, Marian Evans, was always ready for us to draw her and her veggies:ImageImageImage


The next week we were at Flo’s on a beautiful, but somewhat windy, day. She graciously allowed us inside her charming and uniquely furnished house (after all, she was a decorator) to paint.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Even Flo herself got into the spirit of things and painted her flowering plant. Thank you, Flo.ImageImage

The last class saw us at Lillie’s on a perfect Florida sunshiny day. We concentrated on sketching people – moving targets! Drawing fast is the key. Just get the essence of what’s going on, not portrait drawings.


This last one was done by Dale a few weeks ago in Spain, but it was too good to pass up!Image






4 thoughts on “Travel Sketching – Spring Term

  1. It looks like you are having such a good time. Mary Ann, don’t forget to sketch my future boy friend. Love you

  2. I remember fondly painting at the farmer’s market. I love the little chair with the scarves at Flo’s house. Hope you are well. I know you are very busy. We had a great trip. We did get stuck in Chicago airport on the way home. Got home at 3:30 AM Monday and I am still catching up. If you are in town maybe we can have a coffee or something mon. or tues. We leave wed. for Atlanta for a high school graduation.

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