Jill Steenhuis – American Artist Living in Provence

On Thursday we were privileged to visit the home and atelier of Jill Steenhuis in Aix. As the Sippers will remember from last summer, the grounds and renovated “farmhouse” (think “estate”) were as lovely and  gracious as Jill and her husband, Sergio. She invited us to paint in the gardens which were full of iris and other beautiful trees and plants. Sergio fixed lunch for us all and we sat and talked for three hours before heading home.Image






4 thoughts on “Jill Steenhuis – American Artist Living in Provence

  1. We enjoyed having you to our studio and home. Both watercolor images you posted are amazing – they both speak of the ambiance and intimacy of our house and garden when the irises are in full bloom. Hope to see you next year.

  2. Oh, dear Mary Ann~ I’ve so loved journeying with you through beloved Provence!! The scenes you painted near Mont Ventoux are a treasure. . . .that area of Provence being so glorious and much-loved Your watercolor paintings and that of your artist-colleague enrich my life. . .and surely will do so for many others. ~And Rousillon: what a magnificent village in which to drink in the ambience and paint the impressions of a wondrous landscape. ~My greatest joy of all was in reading your reflections–and seeing photos–of our dear friend (and magnificent artist-in-oils!), Jill Steenhuis! Delightful to view your “en plein air” luncheon with Jill and Sergio. When you next communicate with Jill, do greet her most warmly from me! Jill’s magnificent book–Art, Soul, and Destiny–remains a treasure!! ~You, dear Mary Ann, remain a treasure to all of us. Looking forward to a full, face-to-face recounting of your soul-full, artistic adventures on your return!

    Peace and every good,


    • Thank you, Mary. Jill spoke very warmly of you and asked me to tell you how much she has enjoyed corresponding with you. I wish you two could meet. Maybe on your next trip!

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