Greetings from England

Greetings from Hawkshead in the Lake District of England. Our huge 2-bedroom flat is in part of an 18-bedroom estate house built in 1900 as a “holiday home,” but it looks like a castle (twice as big as this picture). It has gorgeous grounds with many colorful flowers (think fuschia!), overlooks a beautiful lake and rolling green hills – mountains when clear. Thanks to the good folks at Home at First for this splendid view and this beautiful property! The weather has been perfect – low 70s and sunny – warm enough for Birkenstocks and a little painting outside.







We are in Beatrix Potter country. After church Sunday we visited the BP Museum in the tiny building which was the former law office of her husband. The original watercolor illustrations of her little books as well as her own sketchbooks were delightful to see. Our next stop was to Sawrey and Hilltop Farm, her home. It is still a working farm so we were allowed only to go through the cottage – left just as if she had just walked out. (No photos allowed, but I was able do some sketches.) We had lunch at Tower Bank Arms, one of the places she painted for her books. This was featured in Jemima Puddle-Duck, and there were other venues all around from her pictures. My sweet husband said I might be as famous as Beatrix Potter, but I don’t think so. By the time she was my age, she had published 23 books!






BP sketch




These pictures take forever to upload with the very slow internet so I’ll sign off now and hope to send more another day.


7 thoughts on “Greetings from England

  1. So enjoyable to have a vicarious visit to ‘BP country’ with you, Mary Ann. And is that the same ‘lake country’ of the Romantic poets’ fame?

  2. Hi Mary Ann, Thanks for the email…makes one want to run out and have some tea
    and crumpets! We miss you and wish that you had packed us in an extra suitecase.
    Have fun and it looks like that would be easy to do. Paul

  3. Thanks for sharing. Hope you are both having a great time. I want to hear all about it, when you get home. miss you

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