Leaving the Lake District

Monday we went to Grasmere (I got you a postcard, Dick!) to William Wordsworth’s home, Dove Cottage where he lived with his sister, his wife and 3 children. Most of his writing was done here, and he was so influential, because of his objections, the railroad was never built beyond Windermere, some 25 miles to the south. No photographs allowed so I sketched when I got home.WW

We also visited the famous Sarah Nelson Grasmere Gingerbread Shop. You could smell it from blocks away, but I wasn’t prepared for it to be so small – one room from which they sold all their gingerbread – only space for a few people at a time. The spoon garden out front was unique. If I lived here, I’d paint one. Maybe Dale could plant one!





Tuesday was overcast. I was up early and painted what I could see across the lake in the fog. It occurred to me that maybe the weather is why the old English watercolors were so pale…paleview

pale ptg

More to come. Thank you for following.



2 thoughts on “Leaving the Lake District

  1. Maybe the gingerbread place has same idea as” children.. should be seen not heard”…but in this case” smelled not tasted.” Thanks for the update …your paintings are better than photographs anyway. Paul

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