Leaving the Lake District – part 2

We didn’t actually leave the Lake District until Saturday, but I got ahead of myself (or behind!). Other trips during the week included a boat cruise on Derwent Water, a ferry trip to Windermere – where I had to buy some warm weather clothes, It’s gotten very hot, but, of course, nothing like Florida!



boat ptg


Thursday Gary and I went to the British Open in Hoylake just outside Liverpool. It involved a 3-hour car ride there, a long, long walk to a bus ride and another long, hot walk into the golf course. We were told “no photos” so I left my camera in the car. When we had our lunch of fish and chips, there were loads of people with i-pads and i-phones… I didn’t realize they meant no photos of the golfers! So my sketch is all there is!


Friday we stayed home, had a lazy day. Gary watched the Open on BBC, and I went outside to paint the flowers around our beautiful grounds. I used my watercolor pencils with my water brush and this delightful little case Dale came up with. It’s made from 2 pill bottles with the top cut out of one. She should patent this idea. 

flr ptg 2

Next post will be from Devon/Cornwall. Stay tuned.


5 thoughts on “Leaving the Lake District – part 2

  1. Thanks for the update. Real English fish and chips are wonderful and I do not
    think that they are exactly duplicated anywhere else. Yes, Dale’s invention is really
    clever. Happy viewing and painting. Paul

  2. To the best planner, I vaguely remembered you said something about the British open. Now your painting pulls it altogether. I almost feel like I’m there. I can smell the fish n’ chips in the air floating across the course. Love the collage part….Perfect.

  3. My husband sure wishes he was on your trip – he’s been watching the British Open – should have been looking for you and Gary! Cornwall should be picturesque – great for painting – Can’t wait to see what you come up with!! Keep having fun!

  4. The pencil case is a cool idea . Haven’t seen the water brush you used- neat. Love the flowers you painted. At my last visit to the High Museum they said you could use phones but not cameras to photograph the Wild West Exhibit.

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