Doc Martin’s Village

Just as we recovered from the climb up St. Michael’s Mount on Monday, we decided to go to Port Isaac on Tuesday. A nice little fishing village, no stress. Yes, well, Dale asked me before I left how I was going to like walking down the very steep hill that led to the village. Oh, it can’t be that that bad, I said. Wrong. This is the view from the car park about a mile away from the village itself.

pkg lot


Port Issac is the village on the coast of Cornwall which is known as Portwenn on the BBC TV series, Doc Martin. It wasn’t easy to get to so it wasn’t populated with tourists. Once we got to the bottom and the village itself, we easily recognized Doc Martin’s house, Bert’s restaurant (both private homes) and the pharmacy which is actually a pastry shop.



DM house



The town itself looks just like the pictures. We talked to some of the locals who said at first (5 seasons ago) they resented the film crews invading their privacy. Now, however, they are glad of the extra business that has brought them. As we know in Florida, tourism is a two-edged sword – but good for the economy.


house waterfrontseafrontPI ptg

PI shop


You can see the doc’s house in the middle of this picture.

Trevose Head lighthouse was close by on the map so after we recovered from our climb back to the car, we headed there. It was beautiful and serene with a blessed breeze blowing. We were the only ones there.


Trevose head




3 thoughts on “Doc Martin’s Village

  1. Only by computer can you be in two places at same TIME…blog say’s 12:16 PM
    today but your posting time in Jax was 8AM. Again your watercolors captured the
    place better than camera. Thanks again for the electronic adventure and it is
    great to have you back safe and sound. Paul

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