Cheerio to England

To finish the end of our trip we stayed closer to home. After the exhausting day in Port Isaac, we took a leisurely drive (well, as leisurely as you can on the left side of a narrow road with high stone walls on both sides) down to Plymouth and the lighthouse called Smeaton’s Tower. It was a drizzly day, just right for finally having a Devonshire cream tea – which is actually just a warm scone, jam and clotted cream with a pot of tea.


cream tea

Our last day in Cornwall we drove out into the Dartmoor National Park. These are the moors and make me think of the “dark, wind-swept moors” of Charlotte Bronte. It wasn’t dark, but there wasn’t a house or human being for miles and miles. Sheep and ponies roam freely, and we even got to stop and see them up close. Lunch was in a lovely little country inn with a thatched roof and loads of flowers.




OK. So I can’t draw horses…


Lunch with friends from 50 years ago on the way to Manchester, the airport and home.

M airport


It’s always good to hear the customs people in Atlanta say, “Welcome home to the USA.” Thank you for going with us on this trip. Now I just have to get all these sketches together for my new (and last) book…. Travels with a Blue Vase: A Sketchbook of Britain and Ireland. Watch for it.



10 thoughts on “Cheerio to England

  1. Welcome home, girl! Great writing as well as sketches!

    I just returned from my three weeks from Jax. to Maine and stops in between. Get rested, call me and we’ll talk about travels! B

  2. YUM YUM ,wonder how much fibrinogen it takes to make clotted cream…just kidding
    I am sure that it was delightful. Wonderful end to the series and I hope that you are
    wrong about book #3 being the last….never say never! Paul

  3. Love reading about your trip and seeing the wonderful scenery. Loving all of your sketches. Thanks for sharing. Welcome back

  4. These stories, photos and sketches are great. Mopsy has shared all your trips with me. I surely want a copy and one for Joe’s cousin who lives in that area of England–Burnham-on-Sea in Somerset where Tea , Scones and Devonshire Cream is also a special treat..

  5. Your stories, photos and sketches are delightful! Thanks for sharing all your travels via Mopsy. Welcome home, Scotty

  6. What joy to read your reflections. . .and soak in the beauty of your sketches of recent and so-wonderful travels. I, with many, eagerly await the publishing of your next book. Thanks for letting us know when it becomes available. Sending you hugs, love and all blessings!

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