Mimi’s – Again

Cafe Sketchers were back at Mimi’s in the Town Center again, one of our favorite places, with Shaniqua, one of our favorite servers. The waffles with strawberries and cream was a favorite to paint and delicious to eat. One of us ordered their famous pot pie to paint, eat and take home for supper. The crepes also made a beautiful still life. Lots of un and laughter, and everyone is doing so well – even the beginners. Next week we’ll be at 3 Layers in Springfield.

IMG_1565 IMG_1567 IMG_1555 IMG_1557 IMG_1564 IMG_1566 IMG_1569 IMG_1576


3 thoughts on “Mimi’s – Again

  1. Thanks for the peek at the sippers today. #5 photo looks like something
    I would cook—messy, but rib sticking good. I assume that the 3 Layers
    refers to cake …not hens. Look forward to next session. Paul Hudgins

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