Cafe Sketching at European Street

Yesterday turned a little cool so we began our sketches inside at the European Street on Park in Riverside. Anyone remember when this unique old art deco building was a gas station? Everywhere we looked there was something to paint – the gargoyles, the French antique clock, the case of cookies, the huge antique beer tap and much, much more. Some went outside for the beautiful colors of the architecture and had perfect weather by then. You can see the concentration on everyone’s face… After a great morning – and the staff couldn’t have been nicer to us as we spread out all over – we ordered lunch. Many had my favorite: stuffed tomato with shrimp salad. (Enough to feed an army!) A good time was had by all. Look for us next week for our final class this term at Lillie’s.







4 thoughts on “Cafe Sketching at European Street

  1. Yes,but the place sat empty for 10 yrs and European Street opened in 1992.
    I note that the blue vase in pic with salad is not same geometry as your’s,but
    same hue,so others “have vase will travel” ,also?

  2. Mary Ann

    When and where is the last event?

    I just got back from South Africa last night and if schedules permit, I would love to join you at you next sketching event!


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