Last class at Lillie’s: Sketching People!

The rain held off, and we had a beautiful day to be outside at our favorite place – Lillie’s at the beach. When I said we’d be drawing people today, there were looks of skepticism, fright and denial. However, we started with a warm-up sketch of a person sitting across the table, looking carefully at the proportions of the face, and trying to keep the pen on the paper. Quite a tall order! But with much concentration, everyone was pleasantly surprised at the results.


Soon we had lots of people to draw! The Galaxie/Jax (moms and babies) group meets once a month, and here they came. I counted about 30 young mothers with maybe half again as many babies and toddlers. (They moved too fast to get an accurate count!) It was a delightful experience to watch for those of us with grown children and gave us plenty of subject matter – even though at times it got a little hairy…




Some of us take our drawings home to finish, so for our last post of this term, I’ll show a few of those:




Thank you all for following us here. Please look for us again when classes resume in January.


3 thoughts on “Last class at Lillie’s: Sketching People!

  1. I look forward to following the peripatetic painters in January!
    Never mind keeping the powder dry,just keep the paint wet. Paul

  2. They are great! Saw an old dr Martin on Saturday night in St Mary’s. It killed me to be so close to you and not be able to come by. Went and saw my sister who had just moved in to the retirement community on Amelia Island Plantation. Hadn’t seen her for a year and a half. Her husband of 85 started having some memory issues and they left Marco Island in a hurry, sold their house and arrived last May. Had not had a chance to get down to see the, The trip to San Fran was exhausting. Anyway , saw this old program of Caroline Katz who plays Louisa and she answered all the questions about acting in Port Issacs and working with Martin Clunes. Showed all the tourists watching while they were filming. Could have been you. This was back in Season two I think. The check should be there tomorrow. love Maggie

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