Ashes Boutique and Tearoom

For our final class of January Cafe Sketching we were back at our favorite tearoom, Ashes, in Jacksonville Beach. Dana, the lovely owner and artist, was so gracious and accomodating to our group of 11 women and their art supplies in a small space. We pre-ordered the English Tea which is beautiful to draw, delicious to eat and plenty for lunch. It’s a charming place to go, and everyone worked so hard to capture the ambiance. Photographing the sketches got a little confusing as we were trying to let others get to the tables.

.trayDale, G, Scot bu, alice Bu me, Alice merle jane, mary blue pam   dessert IMG_1902 IMG_1904 same 6 7end

I showed Dana my newest book about the British Isles and the picture on page 30 of the English tea. It’s actually the sketch I made at Ashes last time I was there! She will be carrying the books now. Thanks for a great day, Dana.E:tea table cover


4 thoughts on “Ashes Boutique and Tearoom

  1. Mary Ann, a thought popped into my head having read your latest blog and looking at all the sketches…have you ever considered doing a book with a theme of cafes/tearooms of the Jacksonville area? Now that would sell well in your area. You could pick say your 8-10 top ones
    draw the outside of the restasurant, show sketches of the food, show your students sketching the foods. a few recipes from each place. Think of the easy marketing since each of the listed places would love to display your book. All the places you show look so lovely and inviting. And you couild even include the history of the places and start with the Ashes one where it all began.
    Well maybe you don’t need another project??

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