A New Place for Us: The Brick

The Brick Restaurant in Avondale has long been a favorite place to eat, and Steve and his staff were gracious enough to open an hour earlier than normal for our group to sketch. The industrial feel of the ceiling and brick walls, the stained glass windows and the artwork on the walls inspired us all. I brought azaleas for the tables, and aren’t we glad we live in Florida and can have fresh flowers in February?  Our newest member (5weeks) slept through it all…


Everyone worked very hard until the place filled up – there was not an empty seat inside or outside by 12:00. Dale (taking her cue from Marie) photographed the sketches, and then we ate. (Baby, too.)

alice, janebarbara



The Brick’s kale and salmon salad is a favorite all over town, and it was true today. Randa and Joseph were our friendly and very competent servers, and the “nanny” even got in some drawing time. Thank you, Steve and The Brick!

randa, josephmerle:baby


2 thoughts on “A New Place for Us: The Brick

  1. The reflection of the two overhead light fixtures in the baby’s eyes
    indicates more interest in them than in grandma’s sketch pad.
    I guess 5 weeks is not enough time to develop more discerning taste.

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