Candy Apple Cafe and Sweet Pete’s: wonderful!

What a wonderful day we had downtown at the new Candy Apple Cafe and Sweet Pete’s. There was so much to see I felt like a kid in a candy store – well, actually I was a kid in a candy store. This will be a long post because of all the beautiful pictures. I just didn’t know when to stop.

Cafe Sketchers gathered at the Candy Apple Cafe in the historic Seminole Club in downtown Jacksonville. (Thank goodness it isn’t still “for men only.”) We decided to order brunch right away, draw it and move on to Sweet Pete’s next door when it got crowded from the lunch crowd. Cody, our server, couldn’t have been nicer, and even posed for us. I had the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with Strawberry Compote, and Jane had the Shrimp and Grits – both highly recommended.


shrimp and gritsDale:kale

4 sketchingCAbarb

After Dale had their delicious kale salad, we photographed drawings and moved on the Sweet Pete’s.

CA sketchesDale CA  sk

The lobby and introduction to the candy store:SP2


Upstairs, you can visit the chocolate factory, and, if you’re lucky, see and talk to Pete!

choc factoryIMG_2036

Pete’s Parlor – where one finds ice cream, cookies, cupcakes, candy and all things sweet – was the perfect place for us to set up our sketchbooks and paints. All the colors assault the senses!

SP parlorSP5

SP sketchersSP JaneSP sketchesSP quote

Be sure to click on the picture and read the quote from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. All for now, but we’ll be back in April.


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