Sketchbook-binding Workshop

BB:IMG_2016      Have you ever wished your sketchbook were bigger, smaller, had better paper or a unique cover? Have you ever wanted a pocket in the back to hold business cards or receipts from restaurants, tickets or photos? A group of eight did just that today, and we even had a visitor from Vermont. Welcome, Jackie. Each one chose a small book from a thrift store or used bookstore (in good shape) with an interesting cover. The first step was to cut (carefully) the old book apart from the cover. After measuring (twice) and cutting (once) our watercolor paper into pages, we aligned two together to make signatures and punched the holes to sew. Sewing the signatures together was very tedious, and some wished they had brought a thinner book. These were made into a new book block to fit inside the cover. End papers to match the book cover were chosen, and the book was glued in. Everyone ended up with a beautiful custom hard-backed sketchbook – and. of course, lunch! I’m looking forward to seeing these books filled by the end of the summer, and most of us will begin next week with another term of Cafe Sketching.




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