Nordstrom’s E-bar

It’s Cafe Sketching time again, and today we tried out a new venue: Nordstrom’s E-Bar. Tia and her staff had everything ready for us – including reserved signs on the big table. (I brought the blue bottles, of course!) They did everything they could for us, and you can’t beat their chai tea and fresh croissants. Yum!


It was such a beautiful day, everyone chose to sit outside and sketch. Shopping was so tempting, but I will say they all worked hard.


Barb FGerry 2

Jackie, our visitor from Vermont, was able to come today before she goes back next week. She had a tiny visitor that she had drawn in her picture, and I encouraged her to make a copy to send to her. Jackie’s invited us to visit her in Vermont for a sketching weekend. Hummmm…

Jackie 1sketches

Then, of course, we went inside for a nice tuna or pasta salad.

3 at lunchlunch


3 thoughts on “Nordstrom’s E-bar

  1. I’ve been to Vermont and I would say the offer would be quite tempting as a new place to sketch. In fact just as good as Provence. All of you ladies seem to have such a good time and I love seeing the fruits of your labor.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Sue Ready

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