Cafe Sketching Resumes at Sweet Pete’s

After a wonderful 50th anniversary trip to the Midwest (see picture!), our class resumed with another trip to one of our favorite places, Sweet Pete’s downtown.


Some people sketched on the front porch while others went upstairs before our lunch reservation.

BU skBU sk2Dale sk dale sk2 MA sk

jane sk jane sk2 mary blu sk

For lunch some had the Monroe Omelet and some the Beet Salad, both delicious. Our charming and very attentive server was Katrina, and a good time was had by all.

Monroe omeletbeet salad


After lunch we finished our sketches, photographed them and made plans for our last class until Fall – at Lillie’s next week.

Gerry skalicesketches

Can ap


11 thoughts on “Cafe Sketching Resumes at Sweet Pete’s

  1. Hope you had fun in the Midwest. A nice change of scenry for you. Loved your blog posting and the picture sketched of two chairs was my favorite. I wish I could have ben sitting in one watching all the fun you had.

  2. I’m amazed at how adventurous you ladies are. I admire it. I love you and Miss Dale for always willing to take the time to make the people we serve happy. We all look forward to your visits. We love you. -Kenya

  3. I see you had a wonderful vacation. You look great so medical issues must have been Solved. I will be around tomorrow afternoon If you are free for tea.

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  4. Beautiful picture of you and Gary. Did you sketch a lot. Had a home studio class yesterday with 10 people, exhausted. 9-3 but one person was still there at 5:30. have a lady flying in from Ontario for 5 days next weekend. After enjoying 6 weeks of quiet at home and exercising 4 days a week, I am running around now. ugh.

  5. Hi Ladies! So fun to see this. I look forward to following you all and perhaps I can join you on one of these drawing adventures! Keep those pencils moving – Stephanie

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