Lillie’s Today and Cummer Previously

Moms and babies were at Lillie’s again this year – a great place to practice drawing people, but everyone managed managed to spread out and draw other things this time. Several members of the class were already on vacation, but we had a visitor, Janelle, who joined us today, and we all enjoyed seeing her. Everyone worked hard for this last class, and we expect to continue in the Fall. Maybe this summer we’ll get together and take some trips a little farther away such as Amelia Island and St. Augustine. If you want to join us, just let me know! See you on a trip, maybe, this summer.




A few weeks ago the class met at Cummer to sketch in the gardens. Everything was in bloom, and it was beautiful – but hot. Nevertheless, we persevered and even had lunch at their Teacup Cafe outside.

IMG_2153IMG_2155IMG_2156 Those of you traveling this summer, keep sketching!


2 thoughts on “Lillie’s Today and Cummer Previously

  1. Stephanie, you are welcome to come with us any time. I’ve sat in on one of your drawing classes several years ago and was quite impressed! Can we start a chapter of Urban Sketchers in Jacksonville?

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