Cafe Sketchers begin the year at the Loving Cup Hash House

Welcome back! The summer is over (not officially, I realize!), and our Cafe Sketching classes have started again.  This term began at a new place for us, The Loving Cup/Hash House in Jacksonville Beach. The owner, Daniel, is a classically-trained opera singer and occasionally breaks into song with an amazing voice. More about him later. sign outside

This group of 12 sketchers spent the first few minutes (?) excitedly talking about where they had traveled this summer – Russia, France, San Francisco, North Carolina and beyond – and some even brought their travel sketchbooks! Then, with their beverage of choice – I had an iced Chai tea latte – everyone quickly began sketching. Our lovely server, Maggie, kept everyone happy.




These first sketches turned out quite good, don’t you think?

sk 1sk 2

Then – as we ordered lunch and visited some more – we were serenaded by Dan. A few attempted quick sketches as he sand “Some Enchanted Evening” from South Pacific” to us. Note: Daniel is starring in the next Players-by-the-Sea production, “La Cage Aux Folles.” Some of us are going just to hear him sing!

DanDan sk

As the time ended, everyone was reluctant to leave.  But you can see by the happy faces, we’ll be back together again next week. Stay tuned for our trip to Simply Sara’s in Ortega.

last Danlast


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