Sip n’ Sketch

Our first Sip n’ Sketch was held at the Over the Second Cup Tea Room in Orange Park. This is part of Basketique in the old railroad station and is a real English high tea. Hats and gloves were not required, but some opted to be “proper.”


We even drank PG Tips, the same tea the Queen drinks with hot milk and Demerara sugar cubes just the way she likes it! Pat Sessions, the owner, was absolutely charming as she served up our six (yes, 6!) courses of  delicious food in such a way that we were able to paint as we went along. We began with tea and scones, clotted cream and raspberry jam. This was supposed to be our 5th course, but we enjoyed it first to get started.

scones1 M,J,J,A

We had the most delicious strawberry soup with chocolate granola on top and then the salad course. The exquisite presentation  on beautiful linens, crystal, china and silverware was almost too much to take in.



After a nap, the youngest member of our group enjoyed the cheese straws, and then Pat served dessert.

Merle, GPatdessert


sk daleall

Pat gave us plenty of time, and the twelve of us were still there laughing and drawing after three hours. As Pat said, we were there to “relax, feed your body and soul, and enjoy.” We’ll do this again sometime.


8 thoughts on “Sip n’ Sketch

  1. What a great job by all! I can tell that everyone was very inspired. Sorry I missed it but hope to get the opportunity to do that sometime.

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