Cafe Sketching Begins Again!

After several months, our Cafe Sketching classes have begun again. (Some of you will recognize the blue bottles I bring for inspiration!) We’ll be going to several new places this month, the first Chicken Salad Chick on Baymeadows at 295.The food is wonderful – 15 kinds of chicken salad to choose from – and the staff was gracious and accommodating to all 10 sketchers. They don’t serve breakfast but did heat us some water for tea and offered to go get us some coffee from Publix!


Marquita, the manager, is leaving to manage their new store, opening in a few days, in the Town Center. Becky, from the corporate office, will be here until…  Both delightful ladies.



There were a few new students this time so I challenged the “seasoned” students to find something unique to draw.

Emine, Mary

Kay, Barball

Joanne and Jackie, transplants from Nebraska and Vermont (at least temporarily), enjoyed the day – sketching, food and comraderie. Florida is so much nicer this time of year!

Joanne, Jackie

A few had to leave early, but the rest of us photographed the sketches and enjoyed a well-earned lunch. We are all looking forward to our next venture (in two weeks) at Another Broken Egg Cafe. One of the sketches was done by a first-time sketcher, and I’ll bet you can’t tell which one. Alll – even the ones that left – were charming.


Doesn’t it look good? (My husband says these classes are just another excuse to go out to lunch….)


9 thoughts on “Cafe Sketching Begins Again!

  1. Mary Ann,
    We were discussing your work and looking through your books at my Art Club in Wed. Everyone agreed that your work inspires them. I have continued to improve little by little and attribute it to your sketch class.
    I am a new grandmother and am spending more and more time in CA. Hope you are doing well.

  2. Judy, Glad you all are still painting. I also have a new grandson in CA – San Francisco. You’re not there by any chance, are you? Ask your group if anyone is interested in a sketchbook-binding workshop I’m teaching again. (Making your own sketchbook with watercolor paper.) Good to hear from you.

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