The Players Cafe

Cafe Sketchers enjoyed another great morning together. I started with my favorite breakfast, yogurt, fruit and granola. It was so good 3 others ordered it. Surprise! They ran out of yogurt so Mike, the owner of The Players Cafe, went to Publix for more for us. Not many places would be so accommodating. Rhonda was our lovely server and kept us all happy right through lunch. Sketching, painting, laughing, eating – all in all an amazing day. We missed those of you who couldn’t make it this week. Next week we’ll be at the  French restaurants at the Avenues MallIMG_1876.jpg






5 sketches.jpg

2 sketches.jpg

The walls are full of caricatures, so Dale sketched her own wall with caricatures of all of us on it!



3 thoughts on “The Players Cafe

  1. I have eaten there many times. We usually Eat outside. Good food. Are you going to exercise Tuesday? Hope you are having a great Easter. At least The rain held off. We just ate at Childers with Pam Stephanson.

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