A New Beach Place – Southern Grounds

A small group of us gathered for the beginning of April’s All Outdoor Cafe Sketching Classes. Southern Grounds in Neptune Beach is the former Lillie’s, one of our favorite places to meet and draw people – very quickly because most times have included young mothers with pre-schoolers and babies. Not so much this week. It was a little cool to begin with so we started inside – all new white subway tile and a new menu.  A young man on a computer was very accomodating and moved so we could all sit together. Later we moved outside into the sunshine and enjoyed painting the shops around us until it was time for lunch. (The turkey club sandwich on flatbread was delicious – but gone before I thought to take a photo!) The bruschetta was a delight for the eyes as well as the mouth, and Katy, the new owner, is very gracious and glad to have us there.B, J.jpgB,J,K.jpgJo.jpgBarb.jpgBev.jpgsketches SG.jpgbrusketta.jpg

Sometimes people finish at home…. See what happens! Don’t you love Jackie’s style? We’ll miss her when she goes back to Vermont in a few weeks.J unfin.jpgJ fini.jpg

And this is the one I lost from last week at Le Macaron!le mac.jpg

Visit us next week at Safe Harbor in Mayport!FullSizeRender.jpg


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