Painting Shrimpboats at Safe Harbor

Another beautiful sunny Florida day on the water! We were at Safe Harbor Seafood Market and Restaurant in Mayport for sketching and lunch (right off the boats).

SH outside.jpg



Our Cafe Sketchers numbered 9 today, and everyone had a delightful time figuring out how to draw the colorful and complicated shrimpboats. It was a lot easier when the casino cruise ship moved.gambling ship.jpg

shrimp boats.jpg

Everyone worked hard and then, as usual, enjoyed lunch.Barb, Jane.jpg


Bev, Mary Blue.jpg



sktch Dale.jpg

sktch Jackie.JPG



Join us next week at the Farmer’s Market on Beaver Street.



6 thoughts on “Painting Shrimpboats at Safe Harbor

  1. I do enjoy your postings of the painting group. Looks like a good time is had by all and the food looks delicious, adding to the day. Keep up the good work. Anne in ga.

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  2. Oh….. Did you have a chance to sign us up for a trip out on a shrimp boat? Just kidding of course by not taking it off my bucket list!!!!!

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  3. I enjoyed the pictures. About starved when I saw the fried shrimp dinner! Everyone looked like that had a good time. And, the art was great! Thoroughly enjoyed seeing everyone’s work.

  4. Wonderful work in a great location! Hope to see you when you’re here to give your sketchbook workshop..!

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