Sketching the Farmers Market

It’s Earth Day today, so it was fitting that the Sketchers visited the Jacksonville Farmers Market with it’s beautiful displays of fruits and vegetables.







jackie, mary.jpg

Some elected to draw the veggies and their vendors, and others went to the Green Spot to paint the chickens. This was new to me and a welcome addition to the Farmers Market. They sell all kinds of plants and herbs and even an egg or two when the chickens are laying. Carmel was delightful and educated us city folks on the care and habits of chickens.

green spot.jpg


2 chicks.jpg

1 chick.jpg



At noon we all went over to Andy’s Farmers Market Grill where there are all sorts of delicious salads and sandwiches. The special for the day was pastrami and swiss on rye. Some had that, and others had a wonderful chicken-cranberry-walnut salad. We shared our sketches, ate, and shopped for produce to take home.


M, Jane.jpg

D,Jo sk.jpg

J,Mary sk.jpg

K sk.jpg



I went home with fresh, plump blueberries and some green tomatoes. Mary gave me a new recipe for Fried Green Tomatoes which I hope to use in my new book. Next week: final sketching class until Fall at the Cummer Museum and Gardens.

IMG_4164 2.jpg

15 thoughts on “Sketching the Farmers Market

  1. Sketching at a farmer’s market is a terrific way to celebrate Earth day.I am always amazed each time you post how creative and enormously talented the group is looking at their finished product.

  2. Hello Painters! I receive your Sketchers in Provence emails and love seeing the sketches and paintings! (I used to work with Dale Burden a long long time ago!). I just had to tell you that my husband and I are in Provence for a week! We are leaving Avignon and heading to Arles. Diane Withrow 🎨

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  3. Bravo to your group. What a great collection of journaling. Loved it. Mad me think I was in a provence market.

  4. What fun! Makes me want to head right to the Farmers’ Market! Love those hens – my mother always had that same kind here, Rhode Island Reds.

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