Cummer Museum and Gardens: last class until Fall

Another beautiful day for sketching en plain air. I planned for all April classes to be outside, and the weather has cooperated. The gardens were lovely – unlike today’s news that Cummer would have to tear down the historical Women’s Club building due to termites. Everyone chose a different spot, and the results were amazing. After 2 hours the group had lunch under the red umbrellas on the outdoor deck.





Dale.jpgBarb.jpgMary.jpg4sketches.jpg3 sketches.jpg


ch salad.jpggroup.jpg

This was the last class until September or October as everyone will be traveling this summer. I’m off this weekend to teach a Sketchbook-Binding workshop in Austill, GA, at the Red¬†Cockerill Gallery. I’ll keep posting when I travel – maybe you’ll see us in Provence in September! Au revoir.


7 thoughts on “Cummer Museum and Gardens: last class until Fall

  1. Thank you, Mary Ann, for a wonderful series. It has been so much fun. I hope everyone has a wonderful summer and I look forward to starting back up in the fall.

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