Sippers 2

Hello, all you followers of the Sippers – Sketchers in Provence! I hope you’ve had a good summer. Just a heads-up: the Sippers are back. This time it’s the Sippers 2, another group, another place in Provence, with only 3 of the original crowd. We’re flying on Sept. 1 straight from JFK to Nice and going a few miles north into the hills to the little town of Vence. (You may remember it’s where Matisse’s chapel is.) We plan to go to Renoir’s home/studio in Cagnes-sur-Mer, and we have reservations for lunch at Columbe d’Or on Friday. I’ll take my laptop and send pictures. I hope you will enjoy traveling with us.SB title.jpeg


13 thoughts on “Sippers 2

  1. Hi Mary Ann, Great to hear from you! I know that you will have a marvelous
    stay in Europe. You have been so often, the border folks probably know you
    even without a passport. Happy traveling. Paul

  2. Quelle joie! Do enjoy every moment, dear Mary Ann, in this gorgeous part of the earth. I love Vence. . .and nearby St. Paul-de-Vence as well. And by all means, enjoy the meandering paths of the medieval section of the little village of Tourrettes-sur-Loup! Bon Voyage!

  3. I know you will have a wonderful time. I am looking forward to seeing sketches and pictures. Sam and I just got back from Canada and Maine. I did a travel sketch journal during the trip and often thought of you and what I had learned from our Cafe Sketching outings.

  4. Sounds wonderful, Mary Ann. Wish I could join you ( I need new subject matter inspiration to fill my lovely little sketch books. ) 😊 it would be wonderful to again have the benefit of your homework re. the sites. So enjoyed the book you recommended – Hermitage, Olive Grove , Village. Enriching my life. Thanks for everything. Fond memories, Susan Sent from my iPad


  5. Hi Mary Ann, at what time and where is the meeting point. I am an urban sketcher from Berlin and I’ll arrive in Nice Ville station at 12.55 h, I wonder if I can come with you. But I might be late. Anyway, enjoy your trip. Annja

    • Annja, we’d love to have you sketch with us one day. We’ll be arriving Nice about 9:45 Friday am. And go directly to the Hotel Auberge des Seigneurs in Vence. Where are you staying? Meet us one day? We’ll be there a week.

      • Thanks, Mary Ann! I will look the connections up, I travel on public transport. Will stay in Nice Cimiez for a couple of days. Hope I can make it, let’s see … Annja

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