Vence, France and Home Again

Bonjour mes amies,

These are the Sippers 2 who gathered together to discuss our upcoming trip to France: Tish, Janelle, Carolyn, Linda and Dale. (I was taking the picture.)


We are recuperating from our 24-hour trip across the pond and home – 5 hours at JFK is not enough time to leave but far too much time to sit. However, we used our time wisely and – sketched!

Internet acess was sketchy, at best, in France, and I found that my trusty laptop that I drug all the way over just to send posts would not allow me to do that. I am computer-challenged, so I finally just put it away to do it at home. (A few hours after I got home, however, I fell and broke 2 ribs, so it’s been a little while since I’ve been at the computer.)

A few days before we left, Carolyn and I celebrated the National Park Service’s birthday by sketching at Ft. Caroline National Park. She was the only non-artist among us so she wanted to get a head-start on this thing we were all so pumped up about – sketching!  And she just took off. When we got to the airport in Jacksonville to leave, she did an amazing sketch, and throughout the whole trip, her enthusiasm was contagious.

Ft Caroline us.jpeg

C airport.jpeg



Arriving in France: Straight from JFK to Nice, and after an hour in customs, took a taxi to our tiny street in Vence. The first night was in a charming old hotel since we arrived a day early. The view across the street and the mountains beyond was beautiful. We enjoyed a leisurely dîner under the white umbrellas before we crashed.


The next day, just around the corner, we found our beautiful street inside the ancient walled city – with our resident bob-tailed cat. Two of artists, Janelle and Tish, painted it in pastels, and Dale did a quick watercolor sketch of our Rue de la Coste.

street V.jpg

pastel st.jpg


street DB.jpeg

Our apartment was enormous: huge living/dining room, kitchen and 4 bedrooms with bath in each. There was even a tiny terrace on the 4th floor. The view out our window was breathtaking – views of the mountains with Matisse’s chapel right in the middle, the only pure white building. Each morning began with a magnificent sunrise with the pigeons on the wire.




This will prove to be a bon voyage. More to come….





11 thoughts on “Vence, France and Home Again

  1. Hope your ribs heal quickly. I always love reading your blogs, especially those regard France. My group is organized for next June, back to Provence. Went to Italy and Scotland this year. Take care of yourself. Janice

  2. Thanks for the great update re trip…obviously wonderful! Sorry to hear of
    the injury and hope it is resolving well. Say hi to the Monday group for me.
    I continue to slop paint around and try to stay out of trouble. Paul

  3. Looks like everyone had a great trip. Would love to see more sketches from the other Sippers too. So sorry to hear about your fall. Hope you’re recovering nicely and you’ll be scheduling some time for us all to sketch together again soon.

  4. Sooooooo sorry to hear about those broken ribs! Hope you are over the worst part by now.

    Looks like those Sketchers had fun. Beautiful housing! Wish I could show a little talent in the art area, but just not one of my skills!

    Will give you a call soon. The wedding was wonderful! Thanks for joining us for the party. We’ve finally settled down again. Back to the summer days that make you lazy and wishing for some cool days to show up!

    Take care now. Love, B

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