Today, instead of walking or taking the bus, our lovely local guide, Mirielle (below), took us in her van to Cagnes-sur-Mer, site of Renoir’s home and now a museum. Les Collettes is located in the heart of a pretty garden with olive and citrus groves and a panorama that extends to the sea. After a complete renovation in 2013, the Renoir Museum offers visitors a chance to find the site such as Renoir experienced the last 12 years of his life. Though the museum has original paintings and sculptures, most of us were entranced with the beautiful olive trees.Mireille.JPG

Musée Renoir reouverture facade.JPG

IMG_1303.jpgThis is the farm house on the property where Renoir lived while Les Collettes was being built and a copy of Renoir’s painting of it.

unspecified copy 2.jpeg




unspecified copy.jpeg


J olives.JPG

olive tree:DB.jpeg

5 of us.JPG




13 thoughts on “Cagnes-sur-Mer

  1. Your journey continues with alluring landscapes, rich history…memories that will last a life time! Your sketches are brilliant!

  2. So enjoyed the olive trees. Their gnarly trunks and dusky leaves reminded me of my home in Nevada. Beautiful trees.Your photos and sketches are lovely and portray a glorious day!

  3. I really got a special appreciation for the olive trees on this trip. Even though iI had seen many on previous trips, I do believe these were the oldest I have seen. They had time to develop character. They are sort of like a sacred tree. I asked if they made things from olive tree wood and we were told no. They can not be cut down or moved on your own property with out permission.

  4. Fantastic photos and info from you! We are planning a trip to So France next year. Not to do, but to see art. I would like to ask you some questions later re locations and apts, etc, if I may. Is there an email to for you?
    We just got back from 8 days in Paris & Amsterdam. Many museums have inspired us to see the artistssouthern homes. Thank you, Anne

  5. Thanks Mary Ann for these lovely sketches and pictures. That reminds me of the lovely time we spent together!!!! And I look at the olivetrees with different eyes now!!! Congratulations!!!

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