On my last full day in Vence (some of the others are staying another week), I made reservations for my very favorite restaurant in this part of France, La Colombe d’Or, a favorite for the creative set. This inn where artists gathered in the 1920s is a charming 25-room hotel filled with original works by Matisse, Picasso, Calder, Miro and countless others. All friends of the former owner, they paid for a room and a meal with their paintings. This is my third visit here, and it only gets better each time.





unspecified-1.jpegIMG_1383.jpgC d'O glass.JPGIMG_1351.jpgC d'Or.jpgJan2.JPG St-Paul-de-Vence is an artists’ town It’s all over in the form of public sculptures, shops and even on the street itself.DSC09146.jpgDSC09168.JPG

While in St. Paul, we visited the Maeght Foundation where there was a temporary  exhibition by Christo focusing on another aspect of his artwork – his work dealing with painted oil barrels. The monumental sculpture in the courtyard is 9 meters high, 17 meters long and 9 meters wide. The museum itself, inaugurated in1964, contains one of the most important collections in Europe of modern art from the 20th century forward.




After a full day our evening was spent finishing up sketches Carolyn and I will be leaving for Nice tomorrow to go home on Sunday.J,T.jpgview.JPGJan view.JPGJ view.JPGMA living rm.jpg

12 thoughts on “St-Paul-de-Vence

  1. Looks like you had a nice trip. loved all the art, especially yours. It was good to get home after a month. Brian pinned on his colonel rank last week prior to leaving for Iraq for the year. when are you becoming a grandmother again. love Maggie

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