I hope all of you that were in the path of Hurricane Matthew are well with power restored and no damage. We were fine. When the power went out, we ate Krispy Kremes. No damage here, just much debris. The beach, however, is another matter. We lost the eaves on the house and 30′ off the end of our dock, but, as they said, it could have been much, much worse. There are many houses within a mile of us where the beach completely washed out under them. I don’t know how they can be repaired. IMG_1586.jpg

On a lighter note, it’s hard to believe we were in France just a few short weeks ago. When Carolyn and I left, the rest stayed another week. They took a trip to museums in Nice (where they enjoyed a meal at McDonald’s!), a winery and were invited to Mirielle’s house the last night for wine.McD.JPGwinery copy.jpg



Some sketching went on, I’m told…and they had a visit from “J. Childs” – which I could not upload onto this site.


J cafe.JPG

J sunrise.JPG

The very last night they were there, as they were coming back from Mirielle’s, they saw this amazing sight which Tish captured so beautifully in pastel.

tish moon.JPG

T moon.jpg

Au revoir, France!


Cafe Sketching starts Wednesday so I’ll be back.


4 thoughts on “Aftermath

  1. Thanks for sharing. No wonder you go back as often as you can. Must be a beautiful adventure. I was wondering how you were faring in regards to Mathew. My condo made it through undisturbed.


  2. You are very blessed to have not had major damage to the beach house. Glad to hear that you have good news!!!! I’ve been looking on line at all the damage in PV and around St. Aug. SAD!!! Look forward to seeing you in a few weeks.

  3. Dear Mary Ann,

    So sorry about your eaves and dock, but very glad your house is still standing! I’m sure that house has been through a lot of storms over the years! It’s amazing …after the sun comes back out, how joyous it is!

    We were fine and never lost power.

    Have thoroughly enjoyed your blog about your trip.

    Love, Betty Lou

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