Cafe Sketching MeetUps

Fall cafe sketching begins again with a new name – MeetUps. This just means that anyone is welcome any time, no commitment for a whole term. However, you must let me know that you want to join us or you won’t know where we’ll be! 10-12 on Wednesdays as usual and then an optional lunch.

The first week we met at the Cracker Barrel behind Regency, and it was a great place to draw. Can you think of any place with more stuff to look at? As it was our first meeting for this  term, we had a small but enthusiastic group.






(Dale and Sandi finished theirs at home so I waited to show them to you this week.)

Wednesday we visited Le Macaron in Avondale. We had such fun last spring at the one in the Avenues we wanted to see what Tahar had done when he opened his own. What an absolutely charming place. The weather was perfect for sketching outdoors so we occupied the tables outside as we began with coffee and pastry. I had a very good cup of green tea with pineapple made in a French press and pan chocolate. I could have been back in Vence. Since we were next door to the bicycle shop some chose to draw those. So many different interpretations of a place.






No class next week as I am out of town. We’ll resume at the Great Harvest Bread Company on November 2.


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