BlueVaseBooks Shop is Open


If you enjoyed my last post about bookbinding, please join me in my brand new shop on Etsy: BlueVaseBooks. There I will be selling my hand-bound watercolor sketchbooks  – made from other “gently used”books. You might discover your creativity, find something to use on your next trip or give someone else for that special occasion. They are made with Love. Enjoy.IMG_2269.jpgIMG_2312.jpgIMG_2189.jpgIMG_2169.jpgIMG_2277.jpgIMG_2272.jpg


9 thoughts on “BlueVaseBooks Shop is Open

  1. What a wonderful new adventure, Mary Ann! Your store is in my “favorites” and I will keep you close. Vicki

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  2. Visited yesterday! Should be a huge success. Know the sketchbooks are lovely, as I’ve seen them in person.

  3. Mary Ann, I am interested in buying one of your sketch books but unsure how to access the site.  Could you please let me know how I might browse the books for sale, complete a purchase and, if possible, have it sent to the recipient.  Thanks, Jeanne Hammond (a friend of Dale’s from Tai Chi — I’ve admired your posts of your trips!)

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