End of Challenge: Haikus and Drawings

Forty-two long days,                                                                                                                         Forty-one left-hand drawings.                                                                                                      Ambidextrous not.

I’m not driving yet, but I’m back to drawing with my right hand. The experience kept me sane (more or less), but I’m ready to move on. Here are a few of the rest. Thank you all for going on this journey with me and for your kind words. Next Wednesday the Cafe Sketchers will get together for a meet-up at Barbara’s so I’ll share those pictures then. Maybe I’ll have some travel journals from Barbara to show you too.








And yes, I left out the P.

From Sandi: one of her summer sketches. She used her new bookbinding skills to make a Garden Journal. Does she look this good in the garden? Not for me – too hot.Sandi.jpg


10 thoughts on “End of Challenge: Haikus and Drawings

  1. This is wonderful! You’re definitely a talented artist! Thank you for sharing. I’m so sad I can’t be with you guys Wednesday. I hope I can join the next meet up.

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  2. It would be a shame to let that left hand lay artistically dormant after all this exercise! Maybe you should do a left-handed sketch once a week! They ARE wonderful!
    BTW, I don’t look that good even when I’m not gardening!

  3. That’s amazing drawing, painting for your non-dominant hand!!! Hope that you will soon be able to begin using your right side! Miss our adventures!!!

  4. Congratulations! I think these pictures are wonderful! So glad that you can begin to get back to normal. I miss you!

  5. You have created some great drawings. I would never know they are left handed. Glad the first part of the journey is over and soon you can start the second and then be finished. Love seeing all of the therapy drawings!

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