What Day Is It and Where Are We?

It is Day 11, and we are in the tiny town of Beaver, Utah. Since I last wrote we have visited 4 National Parks as well as one on the Navaho Reservation. I have sketched, but not painted so I will post them when I do. Remember…Georgia didn’t paint until she got home. Today is an easy day, though, so I have good intentions…. I’ll post a few photos, though, because I know you are waiting with baited breath – and so I don’t lose track….

We began the week, Sunday, at the Grand Canyon. Finally used our Sr. Passes for National Parks. We have saved $120 in entrance fees now ($30 at each park) – pretty good return on a $20 investment. If you don’t have one, now’s the time to get it. The Canyon was magnificent – even though we had seen it some years ago from a helicopter. In the movie at the Visitor’s Center we saw the/an “artist-in-residence” at the park doing a plain air painting. What a job to have…IMG_5411.jpgIMG_5413.jpgIMG_5433.jpgIMG_5418.jpg

The colors were gorgeous, but as we went further up we began to have trouble breathing. I was so glad to see they had a defibrillator at one of the stops!IMG_5423.jpgIMG_5419.jpg


Monday, we left Grand Canyon Village and traveled to Page, AZ, where we toured the unbelievably beautiful Antelope Canyon on the Navaho Reservation. It is a slot canyon, very small to walk inside, but words or pictures cannot describe it adequately. If I were an abstract painter, I would begin a series here.


We almost didn’t get here. Because it is on Navaho land, visitors are not permitted without a guide.  I had called several tour companies the day before, all saying they were completely booked up. Gary went on line and found a spot with “Chief Tsosie.” When we got there he told us someone had left “cremains” in the canyon the night before so no tour companies were going in until it had been cleansed. He felt like people had already walked past to find it, so he elected to take his group (us) in. We were the only ones there, and afterwards he played the pipes for us. As we headed back to the bus, someone was coming in with firewood to get ready for the medicine man’s cleansing that night.IMG_5471.jpgIMG_5477.jpgIMG_5482.jpgIMG_5499.jpgIMG_5505.jpgIMG_5528.jpgIMG_5549.jpgIMG_5547.jpg

We spent the night in Cortez, CO, to go to 4 Corners – where all 4 states meet, but it was closed by the time we got there. We returned the next morning, Tuesday, before heading on out to Moab, CO, where we spent our 53rd anniversary and toured Mesa Verde National Park.


I asked the ranger, “Are we going all the way up there?’ He said yes. It was a hairy ride. This was probably my least favorite park. “Verde” means “green,” but everything was brown. The earth is parched and dry, and there is still lots of burned land from fires in 2002. We saw the pit homes of the early people and then the cliff dwellings as they developedIMG_5584.jpgIMG_5580.jpg

As we are not hikers, we did not get up close to the cliff dwellings. This was a description of one of the tours and following is our view of it from as close as possible for us.IMG_5807.jpgIMG_5598.jpgIMG_5593.jpg

Wednesday, we got into Utah and visited Arches National Park. I loved it! The rocks were so big and the natural formations so amazing. I kept thinking of Georgia’s paintings looking through a hole in a bone.IMG_5762.jpgIMG_5778.jpgIMG_5740.jpg

We did not go into the “Fiery Furnace.”



And, I am up to today, Thursday, after seeing the most gorgeous one of all (after Antelope Canyon), Bryce Canyon. I’ve never seen rocks that glowed! The pictures will speak for themselves.


And there are always some tourists who seem to value a picture more than life…IMG_5820.jpgIMG_5819.jpg

We’ve had wonderful, cool, sunny weather. For those of you who’ve asked me where we are, this was for you. For all the rest who are bored with other people’s travel pictures, I apologize. I will try to post some sketches some time soon, but if not, later. Thanks for following anyway.

17 thoughts on “What Day Is It and Where Are We?

  1. Thanks heaps for this wonderful narrative and pictures! Look forward to hearing all about your tour when you return! Continue to travel well. Angel Ruth

  2. These are fabulous pictures and the commentary that goes with them make us feel we are right there with you!

  3. Your photos are awesome!! I recognized some of the places, now you see the one I sketched!! Bryce will be a challenge that you will make come to life.

  4. Just WOW! Glad you’re enjoying my adopted home, The West! Antelope Canyon looks better from your pics than the “class!” But, she had it all right! Wish I’d gotten that eraser to you! Can’t wait to see your sketches of it! Sorry Mesa Verde hadn’t it’s plants, but wasn’t it neat history of the Anasazi and the People who followed? And gorgeous Bryce! Happy Anniversary and Fair Winds to your next stop!

  5. Oh don’t stop sending pictures and your comments – I love it! Will live vicariously if I have to😜! Can’t wait to see your work – you don’t have to wait to paint before showing us. Would like to see your progression!
    Happy travels – hmmmm where’s the clay vase (in lieu of the blue) in homage to the southwest?

  6. Antelope Canyon-wowser!!!! Mesa Verde has been on my bucket list for decades. Looks like I’ve waited too long. I’m certainly not up to that climb. But still, I loved seeing the photos. Continue to have a marvelous time, safe home.

  7. GREAT photos!! I remember several from my 1966 trip out that way!! Glad you’re getting such a FANTASTIC adventure!!! Carole

  8. As the French would say, “Incroyable!” Your photography skills are pretty good as well. What beautiful places. Can’t wait to see more.

  9. I’m just now getting to your blog. Amazing! This makes me want to see this part of our country more than ever. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful picts!

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