Greetings from A Broken Egg

Happy New Year to those of you who are still following this blog… Cafe Sketching has started again, and I’ve made a resolution to try to keep up with it here. We’ve taken February off so I will be sharing photos of our 4 Meetups in January. Long range, I plan to finish the Paris trip now that all of us have mostly finished painting our sketches from there. I hope you enjoy all this as much as I anticipate for myself.

Now on to Another Broken Egg, the one at the beach this time. I was not there due to a n emergency, but the other Sketchers tell me the staff was just wonderful. They could not say enough about Chefs GP and Joe, sous-chef NaNa and waitress Therese. They were all so warm, welcoming and helpful. Sketches reflected how delightful they were.Dale:egg.jpeg





Sketchers spread out and worked hard after a long Christmas break.





Another Broken Egg Sandi2019.jpg






And, from what I hear, the food was delicious too! Next time, we’re at Empanadas.

7 thoughts on “Greetings from A Broken Egg

  1. I enjoy reading your “Sketchers” post, Mary Ann.  Thanks for including me .   though when I try to comment – .     hope you are well.  I miss seeing all on Mondays at St. Catherine’s. Diane and I leave Thursday for New Zealand and Australia – a cruise- with extra time in Aukland, and Sydney. best to you. John

  2. What a wonderful bunch of ladies to share time with. We are constantly learning from one another. Thank you Mary Ann for bringing us together. Men are also welcome to join in the fun.

  3. Lovely drawings.. just wish didn’t have to see Trump’s face advertised at the end.. ruined the lovely mood. Just saying…. c

  4. Hi Mary Ann – As you know I can’t draw or paint, but your friendship has given me a greater understanding of what I am looking at when I go to the fabulous art museums I occasionally have an opportunity to go to. And I truly enjoy seeing your groups together to work with water colors. They produce some fun stuff and it seems your groups have a great time sharing and eating with one another. I’m glad you are still busy with this. Your classes look like so much fun.

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